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Most consulting agencies provide advice, sure they tell you what you should or need to be doing but they leave you to put the pieces together yourself. 

We believe in doing the actual implementation for our clients so the process is not confusing or overwhelming.

What Makes

Online Biz Wizards Different

We have years of hands on experience in the digital space creating and marketing online courses and we have true passion for connecting the best coaches and consultants with the people who need them most. 

We love the clients we work with because we know the work they are doing is divine 

But we are NOT for everyone.


You should NOT work with us if:

You want get rich quick online without putting in any actual work.

    If you’re stuck in your ways and unwilling to do things differently, if you’re unwilling to be accountable for your results, and if you aren’t resourceful we are not the team for you

    You aren’t coachable, decisive, or resourceful.

    We provide and implement strategies to make the process as simple as possible for you but you must know it won’t be easy and it does require work on your end.


    You don’t have integrity or the best interest of your clients at heart.

      If you don’t provide real solutions for your clients we are not the team for you.

      Who we ARE for:


      Coaches and consultants who can solve major problems for people this includes but is NOT limited to:


      Doctors, Real Estate Investors, Lawyers, Health/Wellness Coaches, Accountants, Corporate Executives, Teachers, Administrators, Speakers, Workshop Facilitators, Nutritionists, Energy Healers, Financial Advisors, Digital Entrepreneurs, etc….

      You must offer major value, provide real solutions, and have integrity

      You must be okay with making a lot of money in exchange for the outcomes you provide!

      If that sounds like you click the link below and tune into our new masterclass where we unveil the strategic plan we use to help the coaches and consultants we work with make massive income and impact online

      We looking forward to working with you soon.


      watch our training 

      I can guarantee this will be the most rewarding time you’ve ever spent focusing on your business


      What the top 1% of coaches and consultants are doing to revolutionize their businesses